Seeking Sales Engagement-Ready leads?

We help B2B businesses generate consistent stream of qualified opportunities on autopilot.

Acquire more Sales Qualified Leads, schedule more meetings, and ultimately, increase your revenue.
We prospect on your behalf and deliver only warm leads to your inbox.



Outbound on Demand

Empower your team to close, while we set you up for direct sales engagements with customers who are ready to purchase.


Continuous access to validated contacts perfectly aligned with your targeting specifications

CRM integration

Seamless automation simplifying the integration of new leads into your established sales workflow


Crafting scripts for email and LinkedIn outreach, with ongoing refinements to enhance effectiveness

Appointment Setting

Efficient B2B appointment setting: Ensuring seamless scheduling for business engagements


Setup and manage deliverability infrastructure, monitoring domain health & DNS settings


Immediate dashboard insights drive strategic decisions for simultaneous campaigns every month

How We Work




After signing our proposal, we’ll have you fill out an onboarding form so we can understand more about you, your business & your ICP.

We conduct additional research to gain insights into your target’s motivation and pain points.

The goal?

Putting the right message in front of the right person.

Our dedicated team does the magic by thoughtfully initiating the process of Persona Building, collecting & validating contacts & accounts information, setting up email infrastructure, curating outreach content, listing pain points & benefits, setting up domains, configuring DNS & warming up the inboxes, and finally, carrying out the Outreach Campaign.

We set up multiple domains & mailboxes, configure technical records and start warming them up.

The goal?

Ensuring your emails land in Prospects inbox



We write messaging angles for your different customer profiles. We build contextual lead lists by looking at buying signals & public indicators such as open jobs,  surge in hiring, investments or funding, tech stacks, industry trends etc.

The goal?

Reaching the right company at the right time



We leverage AI to tailor our messaging to each prospects. This lets us automate and scale our outreach to potential clients – without compromising message quality.

With these public indicator data, you are not only messaging people that you know have the pain points that you can solve, but also armed with powerful messaging that cuts though the noise and refine your targeting.

The goal?

Flooding your inbox with warm leads and calendar with opportunities



We continue to closely monitor the results, we will get on weekly follow up calls with you to showcase the progress and also make the necessary adjustments.

The goal?

Finding the sweet spot that works, and delivering a repeatable outbound process.



Voila, here we deliver the results. By filling your pipeline with high-quality SQLs, we provide you with countless opportunities to drive more revenue & faster growth.

The goal?

Helping your sales champion do what they do best – CLOSING DEALS!

What's included

What monthly results do i obtain

We build and execute your outbound sales strategy from the ground up.

  • Discovering your ideal customers.
  • Scaling and optimizing existing strategies.
  • Booking meetings at scale.
  • Validating and reaching new target audiences.
  • Generating new demand and interest
  • Adding discipline and structure to your outbound.

We generate opportunities — You close the conversation.

  • Outbound Campaign Strategy
  • Market Research Reporting
  • Lead Research & Validation
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Deliverability Monitoring
  • Domain Warm up
  • Lead reply type monitoring
  • Copywriting
  • Weekly Reporting

We deliver only warm leads to your inbox.

  • 4-20 new, premium sales qualified leads (SQL)
  • 4-15 sales appointments
  • Generation of 1000s potential clients’ contacts that meet your ICP
  • An outreach campaign for LinkedIn and email:
    1000 leads for email and up to 2500 for LinkedIn
  • An online real-time dashboard
  • A dedicated team of Researcher, Analyst, Content and CSM

We have helped over 35 b2B companies build a repeatable outbound System






What is the pricing model like?
  • Pay Per lead: We charge per qualified lead generated. Suitable for companies looking only for sales ready leads.
  • Monthly Retainer: We charge a monthly retainer fees for our services tailored for companies managing multifaceted operations such as newsletters, trade shows, loyalty campaigns, and requiring ongoing outreach initiatives.
What if the lead isn't qualified?

Our Ready-To-Engage-Leads go beyond regular PPC leads. We focus on finding serious buyers interested in your product or service, who are eager to talk. We reach out to leads that literally are approved b you with personalized messages, handling their responses to set up meetings for you

Does your team take care of email performance?

Yes, our dedicated team handles every aspect of your campaign with meticulous attention. This includes setting up your inbox, compiling lead lists, crafting compelling copy, overseeing the campaign’s execution, and managing all incoming responses effectively

Are you using any proprietary tools?

We use a variety of existing well known SaaS products to setup & manage your campaigns. A complete tool list will be shared on our onboarding/kick-off call. 

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