Cold Outreach Email As A Service

We hunt leads & crush your outbound cold emails.

Accelerate customer insights and book more meetings.

Our Services

We understand: Lead Hunting, Sending consistent Emails, lead capturing can be a daunting task

Its time you got back to closing deals and spend your time where it will be most impactful, while we handle your outbound delivering you warm leads.

Lead Database & Signals

Beyond Outreach, into Connection

Supercharge your outreach with real-time Intent Data. We will provide and manage all your B2B Data needs. Help your sales team to focus on “Closing”, while we prospect for you.

  • Firmographic Data (Industry, Revenue, Funding, Size)
  • Technographic Data (Hub Spot Users, Pardot Users, 
  • Personalised outreach for unique personas.

Managed Campaigns

Precision in Every Message

Elevate your outreach with utmost precision and confidence. We strategize your outbound efforts, prospect on your behalf and deliver you only warm leads ready to be engaged.

  • Generate more responses from your prospect
  • By adding context to each email and leveraging intent data signals.
  • Personalized outreach for unique personas.

Filling Your Top of Funnel

A Symphony Of Growth

Do what you do best- Manage your team and company and handle meetings while we take care of your top-of-funnel activities.

  • Appointment setting 
  • Lead response capturing 
  • Warm leads delivery to your inbox


More Than Numbers, It's Our Legacy

We have done a lot of good campaigns and a lot that haven’t gone as well. We have made all the mistakes in the book so you don’t have to.

  • 60%-80% Target open rates 
  • 2%-6% Target positive response rates 
  • 2%-4% Click rates


The Engineering Approach

Crafting Success, Step By Step

We’re not a typical agency, we’re highly technical startup-ey peeps that think analytically.

  • KPI capturing, Metrics driven approach 
  • Rigorous A/B testing 
  • Daily, data-driven reports

Our Process

Our Process Is Not Just A Series Of Steps; It's A Narrative, A Journey Towards Your Business's Success.

Every week, we send an A/B test to fresh leads. Just imagine: insights and meetings appear magically, and all you need to do is join a quick 30-minute call without much hassle.

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Crafting Your Essence Together, we delve into your business, defining your value proposition and ideal customer profile. We craft your essence, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience, driving meaningful connections.



Uncovering Opportunities Our expert data researchers join forces with intelligent tools, unveiling potential clients weekly. We craft outreach content aligned with your campaign objectives, forging impactful connections and driving engagement.



Warming Up Mailboxes We prepare the ground, warming up mailboxes for bulk outreach. Anti-spam measures are embedded in our email setup and content, ensuring your message reaches where it matters.



Precision in Progress With approved leads and content strategy, the campaign takes flight. We meticulously track every aspect, making real-time adjustments. Weekly calls, detailed reports – it’s not just tracking progress; it’s sculpting success.

How We Are Different ?


Out Sourced

In House

We connected our clients with

Here are just a few of the companies we have successfully connected our clients with.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us.

“We consider them our partners now”

The results are absolutely stunning. We got more than 50+ appointments with potential leads and the team is helping us out with our CRM management
Mar-Tech Company

"AirOutreach collaborates effectively with team, clients"

Over the past 5 months, they have generated over 100+ high-quality leads for us. We have weekly calls to synch on updates and needed messaging changes.
IT staffing company

“Their professionalism and transparency were impressive”

We have used several lead generation partners over the years, and they have yet to deliver to the level of AirOutreach.
POS software company

“I was most impressed with how quickly the project was up and running.”

Working with AirOutreach was delightful—a swift co-learning journey, centered on hypotheses and experiments, showcasing remarkable speed and productivity.
CXM Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invest time understanding your business, drawing on our venture expertise and industry knowledge. Through detailed analysis and collaboration, we make informed decisions, leveraging insights from your existing customer base and past sales efforts. No magic, just strategic partnership.

Check out our Pricing

Here's the justification:-

  1. No outsourcing; we're hands-on.
  2. Cost-effective compared to agencies or hiring.
  3. Freelancers demand time and risks. We handle it all, no management needed. Your worry-free solution.

We primarily offer a transparent and fixed pricing structure. 

Our pricing structures are based on the number of contact outreach. We work as an extended outbound marketing team who can pump as much as qualified leads to your funnel.

We're persistent in our follow-ups. If a prospect declines, we aim to address objections or express gratitude. Our mission is to ensure minimal effort on your part until a meeting is secured.

You'll set one up for us.  Nope, we will send from domains similar to yours, but separate as to not have any effect on your daily email use

Who we don't work with:

- Companies we don't feel are ready to engage customers yet.
- Founders with unrealistic expectations (i.e. closing a Fortune 100 customer in the first month of the service)
- Products we feel don't do good for the world

- Companies that do not have a proactive sales team. The leads we generate needs to be responded or handled within an hour of engagement to have more meaningful conversation.

Indeed, your time is valuable, and we're here to optimize the process. With our expertise, we can handle this more efficiently, letting you focus on what you do best

We leverage a diverse toolkit, including ZoomInfo, D&B Hoover, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hunter, Lemlist, BuiltWith, and 30 other specialized platforms. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate and detailed insights for your business strategy.

With new email addresses and young domains, we allocate a week for warm-up. Initially, we start with lower sending volumes and gradually increase them weekly for optimal email deliverability and engagement.

We do the work. None of it is outsourced. When partnering with us, you will have a dedicated team comprising list builders, an SDR (Sales Development Representative), a copywriter, a strategist, and a campaign manager.

At times, we observe that appointments are scheduled and confirmed within the first week of our partnership. However, it is also possible that the initial appointments may be seen during the second week.