Refine your targeting using intent

To ensure top-notch outreach quality, we developed our own custom scraping and prospecting platform in-house.




Intent data

Intent-Based Targeting

Every successful campaign begins with a clear understanding of your buyers and their pain points.


Keep recently funded companies top of your target

DNS Records

Identify companies missing key records on their domains.


Dig deeper to filter by what is on the prospect's website.


Connect with fellow professionals in strategic geographic areas.

Job Postings

Find companies actively hiring for positions relevant to you.

Page Rankings

Pitch your services to brands with low or high search rankings.

New Startups

Reach out to founders looking to establish their new startup venture.


Search for brands using platforms like Shopify and Big Commerce.

Technology Users

Target companies with specific marketing tech user like Hubspot.

Recently Hired

Contact decision makers within the first few months of their new role.


Analyze titles at a company to determine if they are a fit

Brick & Mortar

Track multi-location retailers or franchises in your region.


Real Time

Our dedicated engineers have invested countless hours to ensure you are delivered a fresh list of qualified leads with signals and intent to cut through noise

Custom Crawling

Customized outbound campaigns require real-time scraping jobs. Work with us to scrape your ideal target list.

Event Tracking

We’ll keep a pulse on key events in your industry, like new funding, new hires, or new job postings.

Feedback Loop

Feedback from our clients gets incorporated in real time so that prospect lists become more accurate over time.


What is the pricing model like?
  • Pay Per lead: We charge per qualified lead generated. Suitable for companies looking only for sales ready leads.
  • Monthly Retainer: We charge a monthly retainer fees for our services tailored for companies managing multifaceted operations such as newsletters, trade shows, loyalty campaigns, and requiring ongoing outreach initiatives.
What if the lead isn't qualified?

Our Ready-To-Engage-Leads go beyond regular PPC leads. We focus on finding serious buyers interested in your product or service, who are eager to talk. We reach out to leads that literally are approved b you with personalized messages, handling their responses to set up meetings for you

Does your team take care of email performance?

Yes, our dedicated team handles every aspect of your campaign with meticulous attention. This includes setting up your inbox, compiling lead lists, crafting compelling copy, overseeing the campaign’s execution, and managing all incoming responses effectively

Are you using any proprietary tools?

We use a variety of existing well known SaaS products to setup & manage your campaigns. A complete tool list will be shared on our onboarding/kick-off call. 

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