Case Study

Discover how Air Outreach helped an Energy - as - a - Service startup onboard new retail partners using Email & Post Card Campaign.


The client is a rapidly growing Energy as a Service company in the US, focusing on sustainability for businesses like restaurants and retail. A $41 Million funded company provides energy-saving solutions, equipment, and software, aiming for lower costs and a greener footprint.


Energy as a Service (EaaS)



Duration Of Engagement

4 Months

Average Deal Size


Goal Of The Engagement

Generate Sales leads, Meetings, Brand Awareness

Marketing Channels

Email & Post Card

Ideal Customer Profile

Restaurant/Retail Owner, Store Director, Manager

Probelm They Solve

Client provides energy-saving solutions cutting down cost setup for energy consumption


50 - 300

What was their problem

The client was struggling to discover new leads to be targeted. Finding their target audience Restaurant & Retail Owners was no easy task, as their information was not readily available.


They relied heavily on paid marketing, SEO & other digital marketing platforms. Initiating an Outbound Process Seems Like a Nearly Impossible Endeavor.


They wanted to scale up their outreach engine. They also wanted a dedicated agency that would stay up to date with all the best practices around deliverability.


What client wanted

  • Wanted a vendor that understood email deliverabillity

  • They wanted a vendor that can scale their outreach infrastructure

  • Wanted a vendor that understood email deliverability & data management


Air Outreach's team understood what the client needed and the problems they faced. Through thorough analysis of the client's present and past customers, we strategized to empower their sales force by focusing on companies experiencing the most pressing pain points and requiring their solution.


We examined intent indicators of companies & crafted personalized message based on the intent topic.


Our effective approach is to look at public signals like job openings, changes in employee numbers, social media growth, website traffic, new partnership news, funding/investment and the technology used by the company.

Data (Mothly)

Touch Points
Emails Sent

Score (Monthly)

Open Rate
60 %
Response Rate
4.15 %
20 %
New Deals


After partnering with Air Outreach, the client was able to achieve significant growth in their business. By leveraging Air Outreach's expertise in B2B lead generation, they were able to generate quality marketing qualified leads with each lead being highly targeted and qualified. Air Outreach team worked closely with the client to develop a customized lead generation strategy that was tailored to their specific needs and target market.

Outcome (Monthly)

Qualified leads
New Deals
Qualified Opportunities
New Clients

Some of the top leads that we acquired:

Company Name Job Title
Store Director
Krispy Kreme
Store Director
Franchise Owner
Jack in the Box
Head of Store Operations
Head of Operations

Case Studies

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