Case Study

How a digital performance marketing company acquired 8 new D2C clients in just 3 months


The client is a startup offering tailored performance marketing and growth hacking services. Founded by an experienced professional, they aims to transform the agency model by becoming a trusted partner for businesses seeking customized solutions for growth.


Marketing & Advertising Agency



Duration Of Engagement

4 Months

Average Deal Size


Goal Of The Engagement

Generate Sales leads, & Meetings

Marketing Channels

Email & LinkedIn

Ideal Customer Profile

Founders, CEO's, Head Marketing of India's top D2C brands

Probelm They Solve

Client provides performance marketing solutions to drive best ROI using paid campaigns


Startup, Funded Companies, Boot Strapped.

What was their problem

Client's internal team had diligently executed outbound strategies, leveraging various channels and tactics to generate leads.


However, despite their efforts, the quality of leads fell short of expectations. The leads lacked the requisite level of qualification, rendering them ineffective for progressing towards conversion.


Faced with stagnation in their lead generation effort, Client sought external expertise to revitalize their lead generation efforts and enhance their chances of success in the competitive performance marketing landscape

What client wanted

  • To expand its customer base and form new alliances with new brands.

  • They wanted a vendor that can help finding out the top founders, CEO's of all series funded or boot strapped companies.

  • Wanted a vendor that can help them fix 3-4 meetings per weekly.

Air Outreach Intervention

Recognizing the urgency and importance of refining Client X's lead generation strategy, Air Outreach stepped in to provide tailored support. Leveraging their expertise in B2B lead generation and outbound marketing, Air Outreach embarked on a comprehensive analysis of Client X's existing approach.


Through meticulous assessment, they identified key gaps and areas for improvement within the lead generation process.

Industries Targeted

  • D2C, B2C Brands

  • ED Tech

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Automotive

  • Fintech

Solution Implemented

Drawing upon their deep understanding of B2B dynamics, Air Outreach devised a strategic overhaul of Client's lead generation framework. This involved a multi-faceted approach, including:

  1. Target Audience Refinement: Air Outreach collaborated closely with the Client to redefine their ideal customer profile (ICP). The Air Outreach team segmented the customer profile based on company size, funding status, and industry. Within this segmentation, prospects were categorized into three distinct buckets. The first bucket comprised prospects who were either seed-funded or bootstrapped. The second bucket included prospects with series A or above funding or those who had been operating in the industry for over five years. The third bucket encompassed prospects who had received multiple rounds of funding and had established a presence in the market for over a decade.

  2. Personalized Outreach Campaigns: Building upon the refined ICP, Air Outreach developed highly personalized outreach campaigns tailored to resonate with target decision-makers. By crafting compelling messaging and value propositions, they aimed to establish meaningful connections and generate genuine interest among potential leads.

  3. Advanced Lead Qualification Mechanisms: To address the issue of lead quality, Air Outreach implemented stringent qualification criteria and processes. Through meticulous lead scoring and assessment, they ensured that only the most qualified prospects progressed through the sales pipeline, thereby optimizing resource allocation and maximizing conversion potential.


Following the implementation of Air Outreach's revamped lead generation strategy, Client witnessed a dramatic turnaround in their B2B expansion efforts. The refined targeting and personalized outreach campaigns yielded a significant increase in lead quality, with a higher proportion of prospects meeting the desired qualification standards. As a result, Client experienced enhanced opportunity in pipeline and onboarded 8 new clients in just 3 months.

Some of the top leads that we acquired:

Company Name Job Title
D2C Growth Head
Brand Custodian & Chief Customer Delight Officer
Stanza Living
Vice President - Growth Excellence
My Captain
Head of Performance Marketing
Dot and key
Co Founder
Mentor Match
Founder & CEO
Ippo Pay
Digital Marketing Manager

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