Case Study

How we helped a Staffing Company generate over 45+ SQL's, acquire 3 new clients 20 new deals leveraging intent data monthly.


The client is a new gen staffing company, that specializes in niche talent recruitment. The company's hiring model solution makes it easier for tech companies to save time finding skills for their challenging tech projects.


Agency | Professional Services



Duration Of Engagement

18 months and still active

Average Deal Size


Goal Of The Engagement

Generate Sales leads, Quotes & Meetings

Marketing Channels

Email & LinkedIn

Ideal Customer Profile

HR & Talent Acquisition Department at Tech Companies 

Probelm They Solve

Client provides rapid hiring solutions for challenging tech projects


100 - 2500

What was their problem

The client wanted to build a lead generation engine that could consistently perform month over month. They had a limited understanding of setting up a scalable outreach engine.


The client had also established an in-house marketing team to reach prospects. However, this marketing strategy had not delivered the desired results with the client only getting responses or leads that the company struggled to close.


The company decided to outsource lead generation services to a reliable partner that could leverage email marketing & intent signals to drive funnel leads into the pipeline.

What client wanted

  • To expand its customer base and form new alliances with new tech enterprises.

  • They wanted a vendor that can scale their outreach infrastructure

  • Wanted a vendor that understood email deliverability & data management


Air Outreach's team understood what the client needed and the problems they faced. Through thorough analysis of the client's present and past customers, we strategized to empower their sales force by focusing on companies experiencing the most pressing pain points and requiring their solution.


We examined intent indicators of companies & crafted personalized message based on the intent topic.


Our effective approach is to look at public signals like job openings, changes in employee numbers, social media growth, website traffic, new partnership news, funding/investment and the technology used by the company.


After partnering with Air Outreach, the client was able to achieve significant growth in their business. By leveraging Air Outreach's expertise in B2B lead generation, they were able to generate quality marketing qualified leads with each lead being highly targeted and qualified. Air Outreach team worked closely with the client to develop a customized lead generation strategy that was tailored to their specific needs and target market.

Some of the top leads that we acquired:

Company Name Job Title
Talent Acquisition Specialist
HR Director
Talent Acquisition Manager

Case Studies

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